Q & A on reincarnation

Q: Hi. You said that “Relaxing into sleep without question (accepting the answer to the day as being the blessed depolarization of the senses is like accepting the naturally timed death of the body as being the blessed return to the non-literal Answer that is Absolute”…
After the death of the body are we done for good with being in a body? Or is reincarnation what happens?

A: The body is a learning tool used for investigating one’s ideas. One can polarize as many tools for learning about ideas as one wishes. One can work on making a different body for learning about different ideas, or one can rest in God at the level of Creation as the Christ.

Reincarnation is one’s personal choice, not something decided for one by a higher power – you are using that higher power to explore your own ideas. God doesn’t judge explorations – God just extends your Innate Awareness as He created it for you. One decides what to learn about and how, by the thoughts one holds in mind.

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One thought on “Q & A on reincarnation

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. What do you mean that “God just extends your Innate Awareness as He created it for you.”? If God is already infinite awareness, why would “He” create another awareness? And how would that happen?



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