Adam the dreamer

Spirit never sleeps, but Adam the dreamer does. In a dream does Adam spin from Stillness ideas into motion, and seem to collect them through the senses. Adam sleeps to the future, and wakes to the past.

Adam the dreamer’s ideas projected from the high heavens of imagination and collected in spacetime are different from Spirit’s Awareness; they are Oneness with the Mother-Father divided into countless doubles to represent parenthood and then multiplied and divided and multiplied and divided again to infinity to represent the family setting that already is.

Awareness of Perfection is the only Idea God extends. Adam’s senses perceive his own ideas. The senses cannot Know God’s Idea – they cannot Be Aware of Oneness – nor can the mind Know without relaxing into Knowledge of Innate Perfection. The body does not represent the dreamer’s Origin, nor can the separate mind that doesn’t Know. Both aspects of the belief in separation from Source dissolve in the Absolute State that is Spirit’s only Perfect Reality.

The dreamer’s senses, when they are slept, are depolarized because old ideas are being pruned by new ones being polarized. In this state the dreamer is not at all attached to the senses and is busy creating in the “high heavens of imagination”.

The dreamer sleeps the senses to make a future, and wakes them to view the past; all ideas are first bought in thought, and then paid for later in form.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All Rights Reserved



6 thoughts on “Adam the dreamer

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I am not sure if my comment got through or not…

    Another way of asking would be, what is the difference between “God” and “Christ” at the level of Creation?

    In Eternity, is it not one spirit or awareness that is eternal? I don’t understand how there is a difference between God and Christ if all is God… ?

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      1. Anonymous

        Thank you for your replies. You would not say God is Created, correct? So if we are God, how are we “Created”? Is there not simply the Eternal God? Otherwise aren’t we ending up with multiple infinite beings, etc?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous

    I have one more question about reincarnation. And then I will stop with the questions… 🙂
    Is Heaven infinite ecstasy? If so why would we ever leave it to explore “other ideas”? That seems insane to me…

    Unless it is NOT infinite ecstasy and therefore we get something out of dreaming form?

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