Life below, above and at zero

I am watching a series on Netflix called “Life below zero”. It is about hunters and gatherers in the Arctic who hunt, trap and kill animals for meat, fur, and tools for survival. These folks live a full circle lifestyle; they crave for and flourish on the food they eat, they are thrilled by the hunt and satisfied with the kill, they waste nothing by sharing everything, and they pay their respects to all aspects of the circle of life without vilification of parts of it. No thought to create abundance with what is provided in nature is held back. Money, entertainment and convenience are not as important as a healthy in-the-moment appreciation for provision of needs as needed, and the ability to regive what’s been given. There is the common sense understanding that one must divide personal resources in time and energy by activating abilities and sharing one’s gifts with one’s brothers in order to multiply them.

Life “above” zero, on the other hand, is filled with excess in general and lacking is the direct motivation to survive beyond keeping an intellectual idea of survival alive. There is detachment from what is meaningful to a mind that believes in somebody’s survival but is missing the actual motivation to survive – above zero one doesn’t know “why” one does “xyz” like one does below – below zero, one is motivated by hunger and inclement weather to work towards taking care of food and shelter needs, and one is innately satisfied by the energy division and multiplication that comes from it.

Life above zero is not about dividing in order to multiply, but about seeking multiplication without division of energy. Life is not about satisfying need in the moment and therefore living in the present, but about conserving personal energy now as a way to gain more of it for later. Energy is preserved now in order to theoretically use later, vs expended now to multiply abundance now. What ends up happening is that particles of matter become displaced – more densely compacted in some areas, more dispersed in others.

Those below zero don’t survive for long without engaging in all aspects of the circle of life in the moment, and so every day lived is nothing less than a triumph. Excess is calculated not by amount of stuff or status but by level of happiness in the moment as a little output is rewarded by a lot of input.

Without acknowledging projected ideas and following them through to their reasonable end, one feels adrift in a melancholy sea that multiplies only melancholy, whereby meaning seems not to be about participation in the circle of life, but about clinging to a division from happiness.

Life above zero is not in alignment with the circle of life acted out in the material world, or the Zero Point of Stillness that is one’s Spiritual Reality; represented in the cosmos it appears as irregular as it seems on the surface. Life below zero represents a balanced system where need is directly motivated to be cared for by want.

Life below zero where the circle is perfectly formed is as close to a reasonable simulation to Life at Zero that one can get. In God’s Cosmic Play energy must be expended, in order for it to be multiplied. Unlike those of us who hoard our resources for later, folks living a subsistence lifestyle in the moment are aware of how happiness actually works in this world; they give a little death, to get the most out of life.

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