My Calling

I only Know I am alive when I recognize my Father in everything, when I see nothing but His Love. I am my Father’s Son; I cannot be anything else.

I cannot be a body, or a mind; I am only the Christ. I am the Apple of my Father’s Eye, I am His Beloved Twinkle. When I return His Gaze, I Know I am nothing but God’s own Perfection.

Sure, I may appear for a time as a woman, as a wife, as a mother – yet I am none of these appearances. I am only my Father’s Love. I trace my Self back to my Origin, and I Remember my Truth.

I have tried to separate from Oneness with my Father to act like a body, to think like a separate mind – and it is painful. I do not want this separation for even a split second. The world of perception is not my Father’s Kingdom but ego’s.

There is nothing here that can make me happy, ego – my Father has already done that.

And so I retreat within. Once again, I release all ideas that are not about resting in this Love. I let go of all that is not my calling, and I embrace what is.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All Rights Reserved


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