Metaphysical storm

Emotion is the metaphysical energy behind motion. Emotion is the sense of attachment or aversion to ideas not of God. Emotion is always productive, whether it be proactive or reactive – all physical storms are simulations of mental ones. What is bought in thought is paid for in form. All emotions and the positionalities that arise from them are of the ego attempting to maintain one’s allegiance to its faulty thought system. “Attachment is the root of all suffering” said Buddha.

The ego erects through spin and gravity a cross, and it is the Son’s choice whether he hangs from it or transcends the idea of it being necessary. At any point one can let the ego and all its faulty ideas go, and rest in one’s still center, where the idea of spin and gravity never were. God’s creation is not bound by any laws but His. In “the eye of the storm” at its center, there is no storm.

Feel stuck? “Ya gotta laugh” as my brother David Fishman always says. Laughter eases the tension – it literally releases one from the sense of being bound by laws not of God, and puts one back in one’s center.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All Rights Reserved


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