Q & A on “Oneness of Awareness and Reality’s fulfillment of Desire”

Q: Hello. I have a couple of questions for you. First, are we the same Awareness as God, or are we an Awareness created *by* God?

Second, is Reality a better place than manifesting here on Earth? Is it “boring” so to speak, and thus we come here for entertainment?


A: 1. Awareness is God’s by extension; all that is alive is so by God’s Awareness or Radiant Thought.

2. Reality is not a place defined by perception of spacetime wherein there is duality (good vs bad, up vs down, day vs night etc); Reality is only the pure Awareness of Being an extension of God’s Radiant Thought. The Quality of God’s Thought is Love. To “Be One with God” is to Know, regardless of outer conditions, God’s Love as one’s only Truth, as one’s only Reality. This is not boring to know, but absolutely fulfilling.

Q: So there is a Single awareness in Reality, not multiple beings? The language confuses me, because if there is God *and* us, how is there only one awareness?
Could you explain more by what you mean that Reality is absolutely fulfilling, if it is empty of everything?

To be clear, I am used to the Advaita way of looking at things, where there is ONE awareness, ONE infinite being, ONE Self. The concept of something being “God’s extension” and not One Self is very confusing to me.
Also, in what I am used to, the One Self divided Itself into many, in order to have experiences. Because simply existing in a state of blank emptiness, while peaceful, was “boring” so to speak. Bliss gets stale after a while, doesn’t it? It is nice for a while, but not forever…

Thank you for your responses. It is appreciated.

A: Correct, there is no “God and us”; all of life is One with God’s Radiant Extension of Love/Life. Pure Awareness is one Changeless Quality, which is Knowledge of Being the Christ or the One Son “Who” is the totality of God’s extension of Thought, which never varies in its Quality, its Quality Being Love, and within the totality of this Knowledge, is an ineffable nonlinear interchange wherein this extension of Love is “returned”. Extension and return are simultaneous and ongoing in Reality; “bliss” as experienced through the senses actually cannot hold a candle to the indescribable satiation of all desire that is this Knowledge . There are several seeming splits from Reality that embody the idea of separation from this Knowledge and therefore present the perception of lack (perception of lacking power). These splits are only seeming.

Reality, while “empty” of  universal form’s envision, includes everything by Being the Source of Power for everything’s expression, but only Oneness with God, Known as one’s Identity as the Christ or the Son, is one’s eternal Reality.

Perception of universal form does not operate in Reality – in Reality all needs arising from perception never were. The One Desire, to Know one’s Source of Power/Source of Creation without threat of its loss, is fulfilled by Reality that’s only function is to be what it is. The threat of loss is actually only this question answered in the negative – does one deserve the gratitude that must be innate to the Knowledge of this interchange of Perfect Love?

No questions are asked by one in Reality; there is only the Answer that “came first” and is wholly returned to itself; nothing but the Answer ever was, which is Reality as it always is. Reality is empty of the device used to question vs accept and return the extension of the Creator’s Perfect Love, and it is filled with only the Answer, which is only ever God’s Changeless Love.

When the separate mind dissolves by rejoining the Absolute state and perception falls away, one Knows only of Oneness with Source – this Oneness cannot be described adequately with words (though I love to try!). While it is Oneness of Identity, it is a nonlinear “shared” Reality; descriptively speaking, there is a “creator” and “created” component to it which is known as a kind of “interchange” of Love between the two. This interchange is the “Oneness”.

Words express perceptions of already formed ideas, and there is no perception operating in Oneness; perception never was, there was never a need for it. Of the Oneness with this ineffable Quality of Love Being Extended is Knowledge that one co-exists in timelessness with this Love by its Return. One is intimately aware only of being one equal “part” of one total, inseparable interchange of Love Being Given and Regiven- the gratitude for this Love is Knowledge of One’s Creation that is simultaneously Knowledge of one’s permanent Identity in Heaven. This Love and gratitude for it is not an exchange, as in, it isn’t between a “me” and a “God” as if there are two separate entities, but it is One Total Interchange of Love Begetting Love Begetting Love – one is only aware of the Quality of Love being extended and simultaneously interchanging with one’s own instantaneous, gratuitous “return” of it to its Source. In Heaven, one is in Love with only the Father. Being only the Awareness of this interchange of Love is one’s Reality, Identity, and only Desire fulfilled.

Re: the idea of “bliss getting stale” – the question/answer format that resists relaxing into Reality is what gets stale – filtering perfection through a lens of lack gets old. The end of this questioning is built in; the device that was made to explore the question grows old, as one returns to the Answer.

Copyright © Darcie French 2017


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