Sleep vacation spiritual retreat

It seems there is a pretty common belief that stimulation of the senses or that stimulation by perceiving loveliness can awaken the mind; scratch that belief system. It is not necessary for enlightenment.

The ego can become spiritualized, which is just another block (a nice one, perhaps, but a block nonetheless) to releasing attachment to the information gleaned by the polarized senses. With spiritual honesty, one recognizes that the “doer” is what needs to be released, or allowed to rest in Source.

Spiritualized Reality Therapy Tip

Can’t afford a spiritual retreat? That might be a good thing. I have been on a spiritual retreat once where taking the body somewhere else seemed effective. All other trips in the name of “being spiritual” were lead by spiritual ego trying to replicate the first one, and did not refresh the mind by allowing it to relax in Source.

Set it up so you don’t have to take the body anywhere to go on a vacation, but can free the mind to recognize that the body is vacant. Take a sleep vacation, and everything will seem totally different when you wake from it.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All Rights Reserved


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