Quality sleep and working with God to manifest the glorious

Taking a sleep vacation is a natural way to go on a spiritual retreat and increase future productivity; quality sleep simultaneously silences the voice for ego and refreshes one’s brain capacity to troubleshoot and problem-solve.

Greater brain capacity equals greater capacity to manifest the glorious; a high functioning brain equates to the ability to think of and act on the desire to bring to life on Earth nothing less than one’s own idea of Heaven. If one is not working with God to manifest the glorious, one is not living up to one’s full potential.

It’s been known since time immemorial that without sleep, the brain ceases to function as intended. If one wants to use the body as a spacesuit for the mind and manifest the glorious in God’s Cosmic Play, sleeping the brain for a period of time is a requirement for maintaining its proper functioning. Recent scientific studies are suggesting that sleep’s primary function is for the brain to forget unnecessary memories – aka to pare back on unnecessary neuron connections in order to make way for new ones to be formed. This makes total sense when it comes to many of the problems we see in society today from sleep-deprived infants and their parents to the elderly with Alzheimer’s. See the full article here.

In Reality, there is no time, and no space – both are created for the mind suited to such explorations. Spacetime is a function of the desire to separate from resting in Reality and act out something else. Space seems to radially surround the idea of a self that acts apart from accepting Reality’s rest, and time is the distance it takes to radially traverse a stage of idea in this theater of love we call life from its maximum potential back to its origin. All “points” of idea radii return to their original point of projection, which is the center of the universe and is you as God created you, capable of creating as well. Embodiment and an event horizon to go with it are as you created them with the power of God. No one watches the movie outside of the cinema; the cinema does not exist outside of one’s self, but is projected from within to appear as if outside.

Yet the Son of God cannot appear to separate from eternal Reality by an alter at his center to an outer simulation forever – he can only seem to do so incrementally, with only sections of wave-lengths projected and perceived at a time. The event horizon is limited to what one puts in it; space and the spacesuit for the mind are the projected, and when the mind ceases to project, the projections disappear. The theater of love where the projector of life resides at its center is one’s own personal show that one takes rest from routinely. The projector light of the day burns out its electrical pathways and a new bulb with new pathways has to replace the old. God, being the Source of all that is created, supplies the power nightly, and mind decides what to do with it.

With proper rest can the brain function to bring to life the Holy Spirit’s happy dream. As the Son of God routinely forgets what he has projected to remember his Identity as God created, he Knows his creation is forever. As he rests in Source the Son of God’s brain is wired to be receptive to his own Love, and bring to the life he scripts the Supreme.

More on taking a sleep vacation.

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5 thoughts on “Quality sleep and working with God to manifest the glorious

  1. Allison

    Hello. I have a couple of questions for you. First, are we the same Awareness as God, or are we an Awareness created *by* God?

    Second, is Reality a better place than manifesting here on Earth? Is it “boring” so to speak, and thus we come here for entertainment?


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    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Thank-you Allison. 1. Awareness is God’s by extension; all that is alive is so by God’s Awareness or Radiant Thought. 2. Reality is not a place defined by perception of spacetime wherein there is duality (good vs bad, up vs down, day vs night etc); Reality is only the pure Awareness of Being an extension of God’s Radiant Thought. The Quality of God’s Thought is Love. To “Be One with God” is to Know, regardless of outer conditions, God’s Love as one’s only Truth, as one’s only Reality. This is not boring to know, but absolutely fulfilling. ❤


      1. Allison

        So there is a Single awareness in Reality, not multiple beings? The language confuses me, because if there is God *and* us, how is there only one awareness?

        Could you explain more by what you mean that Reality is absolutely fulfilling, if it is empty of everything?


  2. Allison

    To be clear, I am used to the Advaita way of looking at things, where there is ONE awareness, ONE infinite being, ONE Self. The concept of something being “God’s extension” and not One Self is very confusing to me.

    Also, in what I am used to, the One Self divided Itself into many, in order to have experiences. Because simply existing in a state of blank emptiness, while peaceful, was “boring” so to speak. Bliss gets stale after a while, doesn’t it? It is nice for a while, but not forever…

    Thank you for your responses. It is appreciated. 🙂



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