Q & A on polarization and depolarization of the senses and how to deal with attack

Q: I’m loving your book (Without the idea of death).  It seems like you worked backward, in that you got a big dose of enlightenment first and then sorted your personal self out afterward.

I’ve got two questions for you.

The first one is when you refer to polarization – what does this mean?  You said in your book that the body is depolarized at night and polarized in the morning, when getting up.  I’m not sure what this term means.

Also, I was wondering if you have any advice for dealing with the news.  There seems to be a lot of news items regarding attack (maybe there always is!), i.e. people attacking one another.  How should I “handle” these?

A: The terms “polarization” and “depolarization” come from Walter Russell‘s work to describe the metaphysics of embodying and disembodying ideas. The mental equivalent of the opposing terms polarization and depolarization is “concentration” and “decentration”. Literal terms for the inert gasses that form and de-form the appearance and disappearance of God’s Cosmic Play are “gravitation” and “radiation”.

The senses perceptually collect or gravitate to concentrated ideas – in general, the senses are polarized, or receptive to perceptual collection of idea during the day, and depolarized, or mentally decentrated, to let them go and allow the rest of “the other balancing half of life” (also a Russell phrase) at night. Quality sleep is natural depolarization of the will/senses to collect perceptually on projected idea.

This course in miracles we are on is a course in forgetting the senses through forgiveness of polarized ideas vs violence against them. God extends radiance only; we are not meant to contract or concentrate this radiance into our own ideas, but to allow it to extend as the Only Idea.

Re: attacks on the body – they seem very real to the senses polarized to be receptive to collecting them, and so the personal will (ego) will absolutely reject anything that denies what perception tells them. Note, though, that it is natural to let go of all ideas; everyone does find rest from any “attack” on the senses – some let go of the senses on the spot, some find rest in sleep. Everyone does accept the Atonement in place of collecting perceptual ideas, which does release one from being bound to the senses. “The end of the belief in spacetime is built in”. Accept Perfect Love for Self and those around you will see in your eyes the truth of who they are beyond the senses. “All the miracle worker need do is accept the Atonement for self”.

My next book, “There is only Life” will go more into the metaphysics of the simulation of separating from and re-joining the Absolute.

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