Q & A on universal cycling, Maya and the Absolute

Q: Thank you. So there is no eternal cycle, where the Absolute makes Maya, and then it is ceases, only to begin again, forever?

I never liked that idea. If the Absolute is infinitely blissful/joyful (is it?) like so many that have experienced it say, why leave it for such a limited place?

A: That is an excellent question to ask self – why do I seem to “leave” the Absolute for the belief in accepting these limitations as being real? Why do I seem to say “no” to accepting Perfect Love? All that happens to make Maya appear is a contractual stop-frame put on God’s extension of Perfect Love, and it’s actually nothing, because God cannot be left by illusion. The contraction of inner radiance that all questions come from makes Maya that never was; the Answer rests in the Absolute that always is. Let go of contracting for rest.

Time is only seeming. Time seems to be part of one’s eternal life, yet it is not. Notice spacetime comes into view all at once and that it doesn’t absolutely exist without your attention – it disappears all at once, too, when you go within. The ages appear to cycle for infinity, but only within the context of Maya or illusion; outer illusion does not exist as part of the Absolute within.

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2 thoughts on “Q & A on universal cycling, Maya and the Absolute

  1. Dan

    Is the Absolute a state of infinite bliss? I have heard some describe it as simply what is experienced during meditation, a state of peace.

    Others have described it as being like comparing a single candle to the sun in terms of our happiness compared with the Absolute.


    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      The Absolute state is essentially indescribable. It is infinitely more than anything that can be experienced perceptually and then described by comparison (aka via duality). The candle to the sun comparison is helpful towards describing the intensity of this Love compared to attachment love, though perception itself does not exist as part of it. Many are illuminated during meditation or other spiritual practice, and yet even the bliss of the illuminated state can’t hold a candle to the Absolute. The Absolute is truly ineffable.



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