Q & A “is there a point when we stop creating worlds?”

Q: Is there a point when we simply remain in the Absolute and don’t create worlds anymore?

A: Absolute Love is never left; to remain aware of it, one ceases to contract one’s inner radiance (which is Absolute Love) and allows its extension. One is satiated only by Knowing God’s extension of Love. Absolute Satiation is seemingly obscured by attention to the electric projector screen of other desires playing out. Universal form radiating and gravitating, concentrating and decentrating is not a threat to Absolute Satiation though, nor is the Absolute a threat to fulfillment of images coming and going from the screen of consciousness (aka self-concept). Mirrored worlds are never part of the Absolute; this is everyone’s Truth to Know, and this Truth is Known now. The world of perception is a cosmic illusion never actually created, spacetime fulfillment is only seeming satiation. The end of the belief in separation or the need for outward giving for the receipt of seeming satiation is built in by the release of the desire for the seeming – everyone returns to the one and only desire that is absolute. The end of the belief in time is the return to this one desire.

“The acceptance of the Atonement by everyone is only a matter of time.” (ACIM) and “The Atonement was built into the spacetime belief to set a limit on the need for the belief itself, and ultimately to make learning complete.”

When I rejoined the Absolute in the house fire, the body carried on doing its thing without my awareness; I was only aware of Absolute Love without projection and literal assumption of imaginings. There was no idea of a body, or a universe and so there was no body, and no universe. “Without the idea of death, there is no world” (ACIM) There is only direct Knowledge of continuous extension which is ongoing creation. Without the idea of death, there is only Life.

God creates by continuous extension. One makes something out of nothing by pulling back, or contracting one’s inner radiant extension in order to “keep” it for self in another way. This contraction of inner radiance is all that “dies”, and its a voluntary death.

“The Atonement can only be accepted within you by releasing the inner light” (ACIM). The Atonement is accepted by voluntarily not pulling back, by allowing God’s extension.

By “releasing the light” aka allowing it to extend without concentrating it one Knows one’s inner radiance as the extension of God’s Light of creation, which is qualitatively Love, and thus the Atonement is accepted. Contract inner radiance with one’s own ideas for it, and those ideas will register on the screen of consciousness in place of accepting Knowledge.

One may voluntarily rest in the still Knowledge of the extension of God’s Love at the level of creation, vs concentrate and decentrate it into the universal electric light-wave pump that obscures Knowledge of extension by the representation of a simulated version. Accepting the Atonement for self is all one need “do” for self and others; no need to worry about “others” creating worlds – there are no others in the Absolute. Time never was, space never was, bodies never were; the belief in separation absolutely never was. One may watch the rest of the play in peace, knowing it to be nothing but an illusion of the ability to contract what God extends.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017



2 thoughts on “Q & A “is there a point when we stop creating worlds?”

  1. Dan

    Thank you. So there is no eternal cycle, where the Absolute makes Maya, and then it is ceases, only to begin again, forever?

    I never liked that idea. If the Absolute is infinitely blissful/joyful (is it?) like so many that have experienced it say, why leave it for such a limited place?

    Liked by 1 person


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