My next book: There is only Life

Without the idea of death, there is only Life.

There is no death, but the natural discard of unwanted short-term memory.

In timelessness do we co-exist with God without sense recordings all the time aka for eternity; only some of the time do we forget the Stillness of Oneness to look at a division of Oneness by the provision of matter, aka to look at “spacememory”. The forgetting of spacememory is the return to the Absolute where sense recordings are completely void; in spacetime, sense recordings are void only half the time, making distance between sensual events seem to exist. Forward appearance in time is simultaneously voided by a backwards flow; but “voidness” is not perceived by the senses and so life, which is perceived through the forward flow or the polarization of the senses, seems “absent” in a void of time and space. The void is only a balancing mental construct. Life continues regardless of perception of spacetime as being apparent or void; spacememory is wholly forgotten in Oneness with God, and what is remembered is only Love. Spacememory is short-term memory that doesn’t exist as part of the Absolute state, and it is routinely forgotten for the Memory of God, by the Memory of God.

Daily life is countered by nightly rest. Forgetting or voiding repeats along with idea for movement from the Stillness of Absolute Love, and short-term memory of the day is routinely “pruned” from the brain during sleep in order to make way for the next day’s growth. Memories that are no longer useful are forgotten in order to make new ones. To maintain mental balance in this realm that is not the Absolute Balance of the Absolute State, the old “dies” for the new to be born, and the new is “born” for the old to die.

Stay tuned for the sequel to my book, “Without the idea of death”: “There is only Life”.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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