Knowing vs sensing

One is not the sensual body, nor the sensual universe the body inhabits, one is the Still Source of all bodies and all universes. One is the Source of identification with all embodied ideas because those ideas came from one Identity.

To transcend the idea of death and realize that all embodied ideas are chosen by one Self that is eternal, one releases attachment to the polarized senses and all of their entanglements. Release of attachment to the polarized senses allows Knowledge to shine like the sun right down to their densely compacted forest floor, where the source of the entanglement is illuminated at the very seed of it.

“When your Knowing places you at the still center of the universe which YOU are creating, so that all of its power stems from your Knowing instead of your sensing, then YOU are that power which extends from the still center which is YOU into that electric universe of your body and its extensions which YOU are creating.” From Part 12 of the Russell Cosmogony.

With Knowledge in sight, one is able to bypass the sense records because they are known to all be in the past and have nothing to do with mind’s currency and option to choose in the moment. What was projected is recorded by a box of mirrors; without the mirrors erected and peered into there can be no life projected; Life stays still in the Projector. In every nano-second one gets to decide whether to sensually identify with embodied ideas, or rest in the Knowledge of one’s still center.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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