Mirrors and magnets and scenes in the sand

Through gravity and radiation idea is simultaneously concentrated and decentrated to be observed through our electric light-wave lens universe that is made of pressure-controlled spheres of light-waves and systems of spheres born of them at different stages of polarization and depolarization, magnetizing and de-magnetizing different special effects.

From a plane of equal pressures, idea is embodied by the simultaneous radial projection and retraction of light-waves of motion contracting by gravity and releasing by radiation that gives the appearance of matter appearing and disappearing from “out of nowhere”.

From one central point radiates compressed light-waves and back to the same point does all that is radiated return or gravitate to meet and “fall in love” with its counter force being projected along the way; where the opposing forces of gravity and radiation spirally intertwine does form seem to appear, and where opposing forces unwind does form seem to “fall out of love” and disappear. The idea projected from mind brings itself in perfectly packed spheres and systems of spheres back to its source in the sphere-packed likeness of the idea; it is as if one erects a “mirror of zero curvature” to look within, and thereby testifies to the embodied idea seemingly outside of it.

Nothing expressed for observation through an electric light-wave lens ever dies; every last particle used for engineering is recycled to become part of the next scene observed through the next erected lens. The force of radiation is noticed as the lens or magnifying glass disappears, but its contracting counter force is not noticed as gravity re-concentrates it.

Everything in the physical universe is moving very fast as invisible magnetic points of gravity and radiation made into sphere systems extended from a fulcrum of Stillness bring shavings of compacted light-waves under different pressures to “attach” and “detach”, forming scenes of activity that appear to come and go from nothing like whirlwinds of dust. The appearance of death by the disappearance of form is only the other balancing half of life that the production of universal form to embody ideas relies on. The “voiding half of time” where nothing ever was yet everything still is cannot be sensed by grasping, but known by the release of the grip.

What is born in the material realm could not be reflected back to its point of origin in the Mind of God if it were not regiven to it in the same measure as its expression. What becomes manifest is  actualization of what is held in mind and thereby is self-fulfillment of thought. What is bought in thought is paid for in form. Hold in mind only what you want to actualize. Voluntarily release all else.

“Every action of outgiving by man or nature is regiven toward the point of giving in the measure, quality and pattern of the outgiving.” Walter Russell

Nothing is ever “dissolved by God”, but resolved by desire, to appear and disappear ideas for infinity as long as the mind pays attention to building and un-building bodies with mirrors and magnets. There can only be voluntary release of what was set in motion long ago, and will continue doing what it was set to do to infinity. Nothing born ever dies; everything returns to the source of desire. Rest in the Source of all desires to Know the never was of the Absolute state, regardless of other desires unfolding.

Picture an empty beach of white sand. There is nothing but a flat plane of white sand for miles with a curved sky horizon. Now imagine that a team of sand castle engineers come to the beach over night without your awareness, and through specifically directed movement arranged a huge variety of shapes to erupt from the still sandy surface, bringing a kaleidoscope of pressure-controlled activity to life that totally changes the horizon’s outline next time you visit.

Now, think of visiting the same beach the day after the sand castle scene, after a wind storm that came and left in the night and de-engineered the pressure points making all the sand return to its original state. All is quiet and the horizon is undivided by outcroppings again; there is no apparent volcanic activity on the surface of its plane of equal pressures. The scene of activity has disappeared without a trace, as if it never was, the voiding half of time that happened in the night not apparent except by the seeming absence of a sense recording. The light-wave mirror sky is still there, and the sand that had been magnetized to hold different shapes by hands lead by mind imagining is still there, only all eruptions from the zero point of stillness have returned to their source. All that was brought to life was a scene from the high heavens of imagination, regiven back to it.

As soon as the sand engineers desire to come back, all that was unformed is reformed.

And so it is with all ideas desired to be embodied and disembodied in the Mind of God.

Participate in the engineering if you desire to understand ideas unfolding. Swoon into Oneness if you Desire to Know God, and never mind the illusion of s(p)in.

Higher-caliber engineers have been on this planet, and left. The “missing link” is in the voiding half of time that can’t be sensed. These higher-caliber engineers better understood the metaphysics of embodying ideas. They engineered the world’s pyramids, for example.

Want to know more about the ongoing metaphysics of life and death?

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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