Rebuild or release

I recall the reason for this incarnation, as well I have experienced the opportunity to let go of this body early, and reincarnate in a new one until the end of the belief in spacetime. As tempting as it was, I said “no” to the latter; the preference is to accept Perfect Love for Self under the current spacetime conditions, and thereby mentally discontinue volunteering to extend the cycle of birth and death. Without the idea to “start over”, or “add to”, this body will fulfill its usefulness in regards to the original intent for it, and then be laid aside in peace. I Know of Oneness, and the Desire is to rest there.

I do not want to return to a body and all of it’s limitations, and so I will not intentionally build another “for when this one is done”. I am witnessing what I came to witness unfold in form, and the original desire to project a body to witness as it walks back into Me is fulfilled. New projections will only form new outcroppings to witness walking back.

There is no death in this electric wave-length universe, there is only desire to manifest and observe life’s simulation; when that desire is not “active”, one rests in the Stillness of Undivided Source. As motion away from Source is projected by a seeming division and extension of Stillness, it simultaneously returns to the Source of its projection for the still observer to observe its effects. When mind “leaves” a body, the return is to the Perfect Love of the Stillness. This happens during sleep, during meditation, during day dreaming, during the high one gets from extreme sports – during “the zone” that seems to transcend the body’s limitations. When mind “returns” to a body, it is up to mind whether it “stays” identified with the projection, and it is up to the mind as to “when” it returns to the Stillness, and “when” it forms a new idea to identify with/embody. The Mind has absolute free will, and can either accept Perfect Love as God created, or project and fulfill other desires by the division of Stillness to create the illusion of motion producing form.

New bodies are built by the desire to release the old, combined with the desire to spin the new. Release desire from all angles to rest in the undivided Stillness of Source, and release the idea of the incarnate repeating. Everything projected is a fulfillment order that will be fulfilled. If one wants off the coaster, one may rest mind in the Source of ideas, vs ride them out as they unfold and refold.

Incarnation is an effect of outgiving desire – and reincarnation is the desire regiven back to its source. There cannot be incarnation without reincarnation, and to rest in Source, the entire idea of separating from Source to embody idea is released. Desire to separate is regiven back to its source by embodiment of the desire that left. The repetitive effect of reincarnation carries on as long as one so desires to make it happen by incarnating new ideas. One never makes the decision to return to Heaven or incarnate on Earth “later” – one is never suddenly “at gunpoint from God to decide” between His Idea of Absolute Love or otherwise – that decision is always available now. One makes the decision to accept Perfect Love now, or return attention to incarnation and reincarnation, now.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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