Timeless Care

“In timelessness we co-exist with God. In time, we exist with and for each other”.  (ACIM)

Time does not exist in timelessness. In timelessness God takes Care of everyone, all in One.

In time we exist to manufacture love and hate for one another and collect the effects for our Self. We say “NO” to peacefully co-existing in timelessness by putting stop frames on regiving Given Love. Under ego’s reign, the Memory of God is forgotten; we exist stopped in time to prop one another up on faulty systems made to fall, and let the One that is Cared for down. Under ego’s reign do holy solutions for relieving the symptoms of the belief dying go ignored, and unrelieved.

The ego puts time in timelessness by hating and persecuting the Innocent One by denial of Truth aimed at the body. The One who is Cared for has no past in timelessness, so the ego puts this Child in a body of time, where his Care is forgotten and his mind is beaten down by his limitations – “Be guilty, be guilty, be guilty!” the crowd chants for the Guiltless Mind of the Christ, and waits for the body to hang. But it doesn’t end there. Another body always pops up to be captured and hung; another opportunity to deny the Christ as One arises in time.

If I lived in time, I would have to be angry, for the ego repeatedly says “NO” to the Answer and suspends the body by its cross.

But I live not in time under ego’s reign; I co-exist with God in timelessness. This Knowledge saves me from the ego’s thought system that denies my relief in time. A course in miracles surrenders the cross, and remembers Relief. Short-term memory wherein the Child of God was set to fall into a trap of limitation is all forgettable; time is short-term, and it is forgotten in timelessness.

The global death rate is two people per second. Two people dying every second is not because of a wrathful God, but One of Mercy, who cares for all in One. Every second, two of the One who suffered in time for each other, return to Timeless Care.

Without the idea of death, there is only Life.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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