Q & A on “the possibility of returning and ending the dream of death forever”

Q: So is there the possibility of returning? Is accepting the atonement what ends the dream forever?

A: Return always entails returning to the “current” page in the story, never to the end or the beginning of a new one. The Son of God was never born, and never dies – one just projects a current page in the story to read. One never leaves the Beginning, which is Always, nor reaches an end; the ending never was. Accepting the Atonement ends the dream of death; it returns one to Knowledge of one’s Beginning. There is no end to this Knowledge, and one cannot return to a story that never was.

Q: So, when the physical body dies, there is a release to Eternal Love, and the dream never happened?

A: Release of idea is voluntary, and the time it takes is also voluntary, and is not dependent on the timing of the physical death of the embodiment as we know of it. The idea to embody comes from out of “nowhere;  attachment to the idea arises from nonlinear stages of its embodiment/disembodiment (duality) and remains until released. Attachment is  released at its nonlinear source by the acceptance of Perfect Love.

Idea exists first in the “high heavens of imagination” as Walter Russell terms the origins of the material plane’s manifestation; all of the idea’s story, it’s beginning and ending, is included in this one seed of idea or point of view that unfolds the story from start to finish, back to its start, or back to the frame of reference of the observer. To make the projection appear as embodied, it must be simultaneously returned to the point of view that is projecting it. The observer must be able to observe what was projected, so it is reflected back.

All of the information first held in mind in the high heavens of imagination unfolds or is projected into the manifest world as the reality given to the story concentrates light waves into matter that is reflected back to the observer, framed in just the way it was intended to be observed. The end of the story that is encoded in the seed is the release of the point of view, or the allowance of the expansion of the frame, which dissipates the point of view back to nothing. Gravitated matter is radiated or refolded back to the source of the idea. Learn more about the dynamics of ideas becoming embodied here.

The ego loves the idea of forcing release of embodied ideas by attacking embodiments, but the ego doesn’t realize that one has the free will to observe or release ideas “from all angles”. The ego thinks the body is an actual limitation on the mind, but it is not. One is not forced to accept Perfect Love, or observe otherwise, and the ego despises this freedom, and believes an attack on what can be seen with the body’s eyes will alter it. As much as the ego would like to think so, it is not possible to force the early release of an idea; all release is voluntary. Matter may seem to be forced to begin the decentration process by its physical degradation or death, but the mind may still seem stuck in its initial point of view.

As long as one observes from a point of view and calls it a reason to delay the acceptance of Perfect Love, one is attached to observing the information of embodied idea vs allowing it to unfold and refold of its own accord without intervention. To allow what has been projected to be what it is without getting stuck on observing it is to voluntarily rest the idea in Source.

If one thinks the dream of death is happening to self now and not Reality, and that physical death is necessary to end the dream, the dream will continue to seem as if it is happening now, until the idea that it is happening now is voluntarily released for the acceptance of Perfect Love Being Now, Always.

Release the idea that the body is anything but embodiment of idea, now, and the dream of it being one’s reality never was. “When” the embodiment starts its return trip to its source is neither “here nor there” as the saying goes, to the nonlinear voluntary release of its initial idea. The body is not a trap but a tool for learning of release; the earth is a classroom. Both conditions are allowed by God to teach a mind that thinks otherwise of existing Union. Learning of union is voluntary; accepting the Atonement, or Perfect Love, now, in place of current observations is voluntary. Believe that the release of any learning tool can be forced in any way, and the lesson that all release is voluntary has not yet been learned.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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