Q & A “Gratitude for Infinite Love is ‘how’ I Know I am Created”

Q: What does infinite love feel like? Is it actually infinite, or is that just hyperbole, like saying “infinite bliss” when something was merely enjoyable?

A: “Infinite Love” is totally indescribable. The world of perception is a hyperbole not meant to be taken literally (as real); creation can have no other reality but its own, which is only Infinite Love interchanging with Infinite Love. The word infinite is used to connote no beginning or ending. I call it an interchange of Love begetting Love continuously, without deviation, without interruption, without potential to switch to its opposite. In the perceptual world, undivided love is seemingly made into something lacking its counterpart. We are born “missing” our other polarity that is present at our creation. The interchange of Love at the level of creation is the Undivided Father-Mother of Creation extending Undivided Self; one is “the Christ or the Son” only at this level. One is not God, but one with God; completely inseparable. In the material world, creation is by the extension of pairs of sexual opposites; experientially, these opposites must “find each other” to become complete and extend their own existence. At the level of creation, one is Undivided Energy giving back to its Source by interchange of its own Essence, that is not lacking its opposite to pair up with and know of this Oneness.

Q: If we are not God, how is there one awareness?

And regarding infinite love, it doesn’t have an infinite intensity, then?

Thank you.

A: It is Absolute Knowledge without comparison.

Q: Am I correct on us not being God, and love not having an infinite intensity? Do we share the same awareness/being as God?

A: Attachment love seems lacking infinite intensity; Absolute Love is Infinite Love, and the intensity is one of inner yet all-encompassing interchange rather than building upon or back and forth. Yes, we absolutely share the same Quality of Being as God. In the Absolute State, it was by my own Absolute Knowledge that I knew of this Quality of Being. In that Quality is an indescribable Gratitude – but to provide further context for this “interchange” this Gratitude for Being is “how” I know I am not God but of God – I am created by God. This Gratitude is “my” part of the Interchange of Infinite Love between Creator and Creation. God provides the “part” that is His Own extension, and the Gratitude for it is “how” I Know I am Loved and am returning Love, realizing I am of my Source by Being One with this Love through Gratitude as it is extended. This Knowledge is indescribable; it must be Known, and it is your Knowledge to Know. Surrender everything to God; until Oneness is Known, surrendering as if to a separate Being is sufficient. One can state, “I surrender my life to Thee Oh Lord”. In deep surrender of the perceptual, does the actual resume.

Q: That explains it perfectly for me. Thank you and bless you.

A: My pleasure, thank-you for the loving interchange

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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