Back from a disappeared universe

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine” – know the song? It’s taken the past eight years to put a persona back together and be able to act appropriately in the world that had completely disappeared, and yet I remained, one with Source.

It seems I have become reasonably adept again. I am sharing my story, and acting as a representative for our Creator, Who would not have us suffer. God created only Love.

In October 2009, while leaving a house fire in the middle of the night, I left the idea of death and rejoined Creation. While it all “happened” over only a few moments in time and it seemed to happen “all in one”, I left the perceptual world of spacetime in “stages” until I was only Infinite Love begetting Infinite Love. It was as if I went “back” through the barriers or splits from the creator of Love until I was only Love’s creation.

First, I left the body and could see what typically wasn’t visible. Then I was only a perfectly centered black body seemingly in the Heavens; the Essence of Love as if shining from the center … and then even that disappeared. I was only Infinite Love, Undivided from my Source by any sense of partition. The universe oh so gently dropped away in stages, until it never was, and I was only Perfect Love begetting Perfect Love.

“Without the idea of death, there is no world” (ACIM) I am happy to announce my brand new book by the same title, where I describe to the reader the revelations within it.


God extends only Perfect Love in our creation. God does not intend for us to suffer; it is suffering that is left behind when Love is accepted. With God in mind, one accepts and extends Love.

You are Perfect Love in your Creator’s Mind, endowed with the ability to embody ideas. Manifest the glorious in this world, because you can! God works with everyone who is holding in Mind all that is Love. Love’s messenger’s are never wrong when they find the one who sent them out to rest in. Releasing everything back to Beloved Source without the idea of death is a beautiful transition wherein Heaven appears as if manifested here on Earth. One makes their world a little slice of Heaven, for the rest of time is a series of miracles.


One looks to the Best in self and others and manifests the glorious in the name of easing suffering; in the “eyes” of God, one is only Perfect Love.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017



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