End the prohibition of holy solution

When the idea of separation occurred, there was simultaneously Genesis, where God gave His Greatest Love an entire Sonship with which to join together and ease for one another the symptoms of separation sickness. “In time we exist with and for one another, in timelessness we co-exist with God.” God gave “us” “each other” as His solution for the idea to separate. In joining with one another, we simulate God’s Love, and through our joining we replicate it, and ultimately Recall It.

All solutions to ease the symptoms of separation sickness are included on this planet. Anything from this earth that provides relief from the symptoms of dying and eases the trauma of the belief in death for even just an instant is worthwhile. Food is an example of this worthwhile consumption; it eases the belief in lack for a time. Food in the belly fills a void that was created to be filled. Denying self the gifts from the Earth puts the Son of God in further position of lack that affirms the ego’s belief in the need to sacrifice and suffer.

Everything was given perfectly by God for his Son to remember His Love, and error only arises in non-acceptance of it.

The cannabis plant is a God-given solution that can be consumed in a variety of imaginative ways to ease separation sickness. Even though it was illegal to do so, my husband grew our own marijuana and I ate it fresh and we made Rick Simpson oil to treat my fibromyalgia pain. The fibromyalgia of separation sickness was relieved by consuming the plant and medicine made from it for two years. Our supply recently ran out, and the muscle pain returned.

Becoming “more spiritual” does not “cure” the body of its ills, it frees the mind from the belief it must stay trapped in a body and opens one up to accepting God-given solutions. The Witness to Awareness of God’s Love and the recognition that God has provided all the solutions for separation sickness enables one to seek them out and use them, vs resist God’s Love, and suffer.

God supplied all the ingredients to make Rick Simpson oil, and the Son, joining with his brother in a mutual effort to relieve pain, knew just how to put them together and ease the symptoms of separation sickness.






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