Surrender the system of the cross

“I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.” (ACIM lesson 199) Still think you that this part of the Course isn’t true, and that the cross is what you and your brothers really are? The miracle is the forgetting of the cross, and Knowing that it never was.

The nervous system of universal form is the cross that bags of water seem to hang from as electrical currents are passed through them to be subjectively noticed in place of Knowing the Supreme. Universal form was absolutely made with the power of God; God is the Origin, the Original Supreme, yet limitation by such a sensitive system could not be directed by Him. God’s Cosmic Play has sensual directors, actors, and audiences all captured in a still frame of living observations noted from various holofractographic layers of the planetarium, and yet none of these actors are God. They are electrical ideas acting in the Mind of God, that can never truly simulate God’s One Idea.

The split-from-Love-fathered mind made this structure with which to try and act out the Son of God who is Unified in Supreme Fatherhood. The ego, or the voice for the split, believes it usurps God at the level of Creation, by embodying its own ideas of it. Perhaps, in fear of the Supreme, it seems reasonable to erect a structure to simulate escape from it. In form, though, this idea to simulate what already is perfectly Sane is subjectively noted to be insane. What is bought in thought on God’s credit is paid for by ego’s debit. The Son of God is Guiltless though, and needs pay nothing back. He need do nothing but accept only perfect Love, as he was created to accept.

The cross is a nervous system, and through it the son of man appears on stage as the body of Jesus, seemingly reincarnated over and over to hang from it, until the Christ is Known to have never left His Source, and the split is healed. A Course in Miracles is a Course in forgetting what was only a dramatic production.

Project no further illusions of the necessity for such a restricted system; Know enlightenment of the very idea of it. One is Guiltless; the Mind as God created is Supreme. The enlightened recognition is that the mind is not attached to the nervous system; knowledge frees one of the connection, and through the simultaneity of recognition and knowledge, one “allows” the mind to return to Mind at the level of Creation.

Think you that the Mind of Jesus stayed in the nervous system of the body, at any time, while it hung from the cross? The Christ is always One with the Father, still as created.

Surrender the system of the cross. The mind of Jesus was never in a body, only a nervous system seemed to be. “He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you are healed.” Peter 2:24″ Jesus carried a nervous system of s(p)in and gravity in his body, like everyone seemingly in the forgetful flesh does, but not a mind; only a nervous system ceased in his wounds, the mind was never unhealed.

“I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.

Freedom must be impossible as long as you perceive a body as yourself. The body is a limit. Who would seek for freedom in a body looks for it where it can not be found. The mind can be made free when it no longer sees itself as in a body, firmly tied to it and sheltered by its presence. If this were the truth, the mind were vulnerable indeed!

The mind that serves the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever, in all ways, beyond the laws of time and space, unbound by any preconceptions, and with strength and power to do whatever it is asked. Attack thoughts cannot enter such a mind, because it has been given to the Source of love, and fear can never enter in a mind that has attached itself to love. It rests in God. And who can be afraid who lives in Innocence, and only loves?

It is essential for your progress in this course that you accept today’s idea, and hold it very dear. Be not concerned that to the ego it is quite insane. The ego holds the body dear because it dwells in it, and lives united with the home that it has made. It is a part of the illusion that has sheltered it from being found illusory itself.

Here does it hide, and here it can be seen as what it is. Declare your innocence and you are free. The body disappears, because you have no need of it except the need the Holy Spirit sees. For this, the body will appear as useful form for what the mind must do. It thus becomes a vehicle which helps forgiveness be extended to the all-inclusive goal that it must reach, according to God’s plan.

Cherish today’s idea, and practice it today and every day. Make it a part of every practice period you take.” (ACIM Lesson 199)

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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