One’s Own Reality Therapist

Life is a course in relaxing in miracles, the miracle being the Memory of the only Reality that is as God created. The holy instant provides a glimmer of eternal knowledge and it is a priceless reminder of timeless co-existence with God at the level of creation. Walking samadhi allows for the experience of a free flowing mind unlimited by a body of form so subject to gravitational forces. Divine realms visited in mystical and near death experiences reassure of God’s Love through highly personal celestial interactions between “self and others”. Resolutions are formed in the Mind of God for the actors in His Cosmic Play seeking to simulate the perfect equilibrium of Source that is Known as Perfect Love.

When you remember, even just the tiniest flash, the nonlinear Kingdom of Heaven, you are being your own reality therapist. When you walk in an ocean of warmth and kindness and light and move freely in the self-extended flow of nonlinear love you are being your own reality therapist. When you resolve things in mind by extending your loving thought to self and others, you are being your own reality therapist. You are being real by remembering your eternal self by extending a hand or a heart – it’s all God’s Love you extend. The Identity that is yours as God created is your own Perfect Love that is yours forever to regive to Self. This Perfect Love is your Reality, your Self to remember and Love. In the Mind of the Creator you are not really the therapist, or in need of therapy – you are Love’s Reality.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017



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