Q & A on overcoming desire for sex


Q: I am a middle aged man and have had a failed marriage. I thought I was over desire for the flesh (I desire to know God), but apparently not, as I am still watching porn and I occasionally see prostitutes. Yet, when I have sexual relations with a woman I feel terribly guilty and I feel badly for her and I feel like God wants to punish me. How do I overcome this?

A: God does not punish; God’s only judgment is Love. Guilt and punishment come from the ego. You are Guiltless in God; God always extends His Love for you to Know. Desires for receiving anything other than God’s Love eventually run out. To allow desire to run its course, yet avoid entanglement in the material, self-pleasure as much as you wish – just don’t involve another body unless it is based in God’s Love, which implies mutual desire for love-making only. Skip the part about seeing a prostitute in person because that is a transaction that can only end in a sense of loss for both parties. When the desire for sex runs out there won’t be another person to be emotionally entangled with; there will only be God’s Love.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


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