Bought in thought; paid for in form

What is bought in thought is paid for in form. The Son of God goes shopping in the high heavens of imagination on credit, and then later believes he must pay by debit. Debt seems to follow the Son like an afterthought, because it is an afterthought. And that’s all it is.

Shopping for something other than what is innately provided is projection, and projections from the Mind of God are productive.

An idea is spun from nothing, and then seemingly paid for by the gravity of something.

But the Son of God need only laugh at the production. “Seriousness causes reincarnation” (ACIM Teacher) in God’s Cosmic Play. Believe the body must pay for the wandering mind, and erect for it an unnecessary cross. Sacrifice only has meaning to the ego, via the belief that what has been thought of is real. Sacrifice has no meaning to God.

Let the mind be free. Live on credit only. God gives an endless supply of it. Forget the idea of debt; God need not be paid back with anything, but love for your Self.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017


6 thoughts on “Bought in thought; paid for in form

  1. Anonymous

    Is the Love of God infinite? I know of someone who had a Revelation, and he described stages of ever increasing love. He said if he had stopped at the first level he would have believed that to be infinite, but that it actually had “edges” to it…

    He also described the final stage as being “completely, infinitely loved and to love in that same way all that you look upon which is all a part of your Self.”

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    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Yes, God’s Love is infinite. Within consciousness of a separate self there are perceptually noted stages or degrees of Love. God’s Absolute Love, though, is “All in One”. It cannot be put into a framework.


      1. Anonymous

        Hi, me again. He said that if you took all the intense loving moments of your life, and put them all together, they would be like comparing a grain of sand to the infinite universe. And even that would be doing a disservice to the intensity of the Love.

        He said he experienced this intensity not as an individual, but as love itself, created by love itself.

        Is the intensity on that scale in Reality?


  2. Anonymous

    He also said we were “not God”, not the “Prime Creator”. He always said that “everything was shared so there is complete equality” even though we were not the “prime creator” or the “first thought”.

    He described it as “we experience Love, therefore are Love, therefore extend Love… But we are not the Origin of it, although even that is shared. However, ultimately God created us and we did not create God.”

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Your description lines up, thank-you :). God, the “Prime Creator” created Spirit, which is always only Known to be a direct extension of His Love that simultaneously returns to Him – there are absolutely no degrees of “separation” from this Oneness of Origin. The One Desire we all share is to return God’s Love to Him at the level of Origin. God’s Love is the Origin of everything and the One Desire is to Know our Origin. We did not create God – ego would love to think we authored our own fatherhood, but of course this is not so. Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part Home study course brilliantly details the metaphysics of how thoughts other than God’s “First Thought” perceptually embody ideas. Sharing only God’s First Thought or One Idea is devoid of universal form. Experiencing love requires a “this and a that to balance each other as one” – a male and female polarity joining as one to void out each “separate” condition and simulate the Undivided Love of Spirit.



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