The Atonement and the third eye

There is nothing mysterious or special about how to open the third eye. There are no special spiritual practices needed, no gurus one must go see, no holy land to trek to, no spiritual courses necessary to sign up for, no body contortions required. There is no need of perception at all. The third eye is not like the first two; it is not limited by perception or duality. It is abstract, and doesn’t perceive – it doesn’t open and close; the “third eye open” stays open, and forever Knows.

All one need do is not do anything, but accept perfect love for self. In the acceptance of perfect love for self does one Know that the entire Sonship accepts this perfect love. One no longer worries about the fate of oneself or one’s brothers “post-humus”; accepting the Atonement for self recognizes the entire Sonship as the Guiltless Son of God. Every last being is released from fearful “thoughts about” to rest in the peace of God’s Love.

“The Atonement is a lesson in sharing” (ACIM) means Knowing that perfect love is everyone’s birthright; back into God’s perfect love we all go, when the idea of otherwise, closes its eyes.

Copyright© Darcie French 2017



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