The use of the persona post-enlightenment

Post-enlightenment, the persona or level of consciousness prior to the mind’s illumination and/or dissolution of separateness in Mind becomes a simple database to call upon as needed to appear appropriate in the world of appearances. Essence is realized as being Truth vs appearance, and yet it is only a persona that can appear to act in the world. The Christ as God created is not a body, and does not act.

Arjuna on the great battlefield of Kurukshetra called upon his warrior persona to finish the battle after his enlightening conversation with Krishna at the start of it. He did not put down his sword and walk off the battlefield in search of a more “spiritual” setting. He wanted too; his grief was over the desire to do just that. He was about to fight his relatives and did not want to kill any of them. Krishna showed him the universal form coming and going from the Godhead, illustrating how everyone on the battlefield would return to him through death regardless of whether their death happened on the battlefield or elsewhere and said, “No – do not leave the scene in a fit of weakness. You are a warrior in this Cosmic Play, you must continue as such.” Arjuna fought, won the battle, and carried on to rule a more peaceful kingdom that was more in line with Heaven on Earth than it had been prior.

The writer of this blog calls on the persona all the time vs walking off the job as wife, mother, and grandmother. Like with Arjuna, the fantasy to leave the scene of the battle for a more spiritual lifestyle does come up, and it is always dismissed. The original idea must complete; resistance only “reincarnates” the same battle scene over and over. To “win the battle”, one must not arrest one’s thought in this world, but allow it to unfold to completion.



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