The Atonement for self frees everyone

When the Atonement is accepted for self, it is accepted for everyone. “This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary.” (ACIM)

Everyone believing in spacetime is on this required course in miracles. The miracle forgets the idea of fragmenting part of the Christ into the physical; the holy instant is a “brief” example of eternal forgetting. This course in miracles is a course in forgetting the symbol of the idea of death, which is the body. The final miracle is the final forgetting.

Two leave the planet every second. There is not enough time for the next two to seek for and find relief through perception – aka – to “uncover the mysteries of the mind” – there is only enough time for the miracle. Accepting the Atonement releases the contents of every second back to God. Not accepting it puts the two about to die in hell’s potential, and thereby keeps one believing in death.

What is voluntary on this course in forgetting the body? Only the time one takes to remember it.

Accepting the Atonement for self frees every two, in one.

accepting atonement.png

Copyright@Darcie French 2017 All rights reserved



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