Q & A “what is the point of practicing ACIM if death releases us back to God?”

Q: Hi. What is the point in practising A Course in Miracles if physical death simply releases us back to God?

The entire Course is focused on undoing the ego by practicing forgiveness, nonjudgment, etc.

If the ego simply dies when the body dies, what is the point of ACIM? Is it possible that there is no point to ACIM, and it simply exists for people that feel a need to engage in spirituality whilst in the body?

A: The point of practising ACIM is to be released from the dream of death while the body-idea is still unfolding in time, and to then share that Knowledge with the Sonship. One need “do nothing” to share Knowledge but be free of inner conflict. The Course saves time. “The Atonement is a lesson in sharing“. Once the mind is released from the idea of death, the body becomes one’s “part” in the chain of Atonement, used to share Knowledge of eternal life through the mental extension of balanced love.


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