Both the martyr and the warrior go Home

I watched a lecture of Dr David R Hawkins (he was my spiritual teacher) where he told a student that he disagreed with the first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. This was probably the only time I ever saw an opinion from Doc’s persona seem to obscure the context of sharing the natural state of enlightenment that is the Son of God’s birthright. The first chapter sets the scene for the entire book with the battle of Kurukshetra, and without it, the rest of the book is without context.

What Doc conveyed that he missed is that everyone goes back to Godhead regardless of the lifestyle they lead while on Earth. Doc was operating under the Christian belief system (Doc was raised a Christian) that one could “get in favor with God” by virtuous activity (or conversely, fall out of favour via non-virtuous activity).  In the lecture I watched, Doc apparently disagreed with Arjuna fighting, and felt he should have “stepped down” from the scene. Doc asked the student, “what do you think Jesus would have done?” By asking this question vs providing the Answer, he essentially took a character from God’s Cosmic Play out of the context of being God’s One Guiltless Son to being “a guilt-worthy son of man”. It seemed like in Doc’s eyes, Jesus was more spiritual than Arjuna because Jesus was a martyr, not a warrior.

And yet, if Arjuna had thrown down his sword and not completed the battle, he would have come up against the same battle scene over and over again until he acted to complete his part in it. It is for the same reason that Jesus Christ was a martyr and did not try to run or hide from the cross; he Knew the idea that was set to complete, and followed through with it.

Accepting the Atonement for self frees up everyone to go home to God; the one Son of God is Guiltless. It seems that in that moment, Doc did not accept the Atonement for Self; he denied the Self’s birthright of returning to Perfect Love. If he had accepted the Atonement in that moment, he would have conveyed to the student asking the question that there is never anything to fear for anyone, ever – each and every last son of God returns to Godhead by the Truth of the Christ that is God’s Son He Loves; nobody is exempt.


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