Help and healing

“Help and healing are the normal expressions of a mind that is working through the body, but not in it.” (ACIM)

Healing is mind rejoining Mind through the forgetting of the belittling of Christ and the Acceptance of the Atonement. Help is forgetting the belittling for a brother by refusing to see his belief in his sickness as being real. One remembers God for a brother, in order to help him remember Who he really is. The belittling of the Christ by fragmenting mind into a “brain with an extended nervous system subject to pleasure or pain” is forgotten for the Supreme of Reality as God created. God has One Son for whom He created this One Reality.

The nervous system does not compute Supreme Reality to the mind, but provides a fragmented view of whatever the ego wants to convey as a limitation on the Son’s Reality.  There is no way to heal this fragmentation but to forget it; healing is the mind’s refusal to make it real.

When the mind heals by rejoining Mind, the body may or may not follow suit. It doesn’t matter to the Supreme. All sickness forgotten, one rests in Reality as God Created for His Son.


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