Who to ask for Guidance

Always look to the best in Self; this is what is taught in ACIM. The entire Sonship is the Self. “Aim for the top of the map,” said Dr David R Hawkins, the “top of the map” being Christ Consciousness. See only the Christ of the Sonship, which is God’s Son as He created Him.

“Hear of your brother what you would have me hear of you, for you would not want me to be deceived.” (Brother Jesus, ACIM)

Only in the presence of judgment against a brother (for any reason) does Truth seem interrupted. Surrender all judgment to the One Who looks past it to Truth.

“Sickness is merely another example of your insistence on asking guidance of a teacher who does not know the answer.” (ACIM) Judgment does not teach the answer, relinquishment of it does.

There is only One Teacher with the Answer: the Holy Spirit. Ask only Him for Guidance.


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