“Seriousness causes reincarnation”

Epic tales of spiritual fiction are told on the topic of reincarnation, as if one discarded body after the other is necessary for the Son of God to break the cycle and return to Heaven. Epic tales are told of how to “get in God’s favor” by actively purifying the split mind through mind-body positioning (vs letting go of position and allowing the split to resolve back into Mind), and thereby avoiding the karmic cycle of birth and death in the material world, to live forever in “the spiritual sky” or the “high heavens of imagination”. Reincarnation is essentially part of relativism; it does not exist as part of the Absolute State of Mind. The spiritual sky is relative to the Earthen sky only as a mental comparison from Earth, from a mind that is apparently divided from Heaven by the belief in duality.

All tales are told from the consciousness-of-a-separate-self-state; none exist in the Absolute. Notice incarnation dissolves into the Absolute nightly; great lengths of spacetime seemingly go by unattended by it. Notice the “current” incarnation has no beginning nor ending in memory, and the motion picture show is only binding when given serious attention.

“Seriousness causes reincarnation” (ACIM teacher). Reincarnation only happens via patterns repeating within the current incarnation, to the mind that believes it is split from Reality and takes that belief and each related belief seriously. Each time the Son of God “forgets to laugh” at incarnation, a “serious” pattern of activity repeats itself.

“The world does not ask a question to be answered, but only to restate its point of view” (ACIM txt pg 575). The Son forgets to laugh at the question, and thereby “reincarnates” the same point of view as the answer.

Laugh at everything. Nothing in a world of illusion is meant to keep being repeated; it all dissolves in the Absolute Answer.


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