Absolutism vs relativism

One is either acting as a relativist entangled in the material, or standing in the Stillness of the Absolute.

One is either believing self to be entangled in the material world of relativism and is mentally projecting paths to journey on to this end, or one is recognizing that Self is One with the Absolute.

One with the Absolute, one heeds not the motion picture show; One is Still. All motion appears from and disappears back into this Stillness. The Absolutist knows that the appearance of motion is projection and rests all of it in its Source. The relativist focuses on the motion and on trying to control it. The relativist uses force to make appearances “line up” with belief. The Absolutist rests in the Relief of the Stillness. The Absolutist allows Power.

Absolutism calibrates at 650 (or level of enlightenment) on Dr David R Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (R) and relativism at 125-190 (below level of demarcation between truth and falsehood).

The Absolutist recognizes Spirit first and foremost, and thereby only recognizes Absolute Truth.

The relativist “compares apples to oranges”, and everything else to everything else, forming only opinions in a strange land of trying to make falsehood true.




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