Sex-linked universe vs Reality

There’s nothing wrong with sex. There’s nothing right with sex. Sex is simply the way things operate in an ego-idealized world wherein two believed-to-be-separate minds can simulate joining as one and in doing so, seem to usurp God’s Authorship of Creation. One believes one is using the body to further a world that supports the ego-concept of creation.

And yet one is not the split mind that seems to flow freely and body-less through the high heavens of imagination, or the plodding body of s(p)in and gravity that is the materialized effect of this split; one is forever joined in God’s Reality. This is the only Reality that is Desired forever. All perceptual unrealities are released back into Reality.

Mother-Father God is Undivided from His Son/Child. To make a perceptual reality appear, wherein “Son/Child” becomes “sons/daughters”, the Undivided energy of Source is seemingly split into two separate polarities (male and female). See Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 Part Home Study Program for an illuminating explanation as to how this all occurs in the Mind of God.


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