Perception is not reality

Nothing the body’s eyes see has any reality to it. The idea that “perception is reality” calibrates at 190 on Dr David R Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (R)- calibration is from his book Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man pg 116. “190” is below the level of consciousness that recognizes increasing degrees of truth (so it is innately “false”) and is in the realm of “pride”.

Perception comes from the belief that God’s Authorship has actually been usurped, and that self has been created as one wants self to be. Perception equates to the ego’s version of “being God” and making life out to be the way one wishes. Yet no two perceptual unrealities can ever be the same; the ego sees everything different.

Noting difference is the trademark of the ego, and pride in being “better (than God) different” is it’s backbone.

perception is not reality


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