Healing with or without magic

Healing is ultimately of the mind, not the body. The body is the learning tool that is released when the mind learns to heal. Healing is “separate mind” returning to One Mind. The body is not subject to error; it is only a reflection of the healing mind. The healing mind commits no error; it simply misunderstands Truth and is learning to understand. It is ok to allow the mind to heal on its own, and it is ok to use magic to ease the transition.

“The body does not exist except as a learning device for the mind. This learning device is not subject to errors of its own, because it cannot create. It is obvious then, that inducing the mind to give up its miscreations is the only application of creative ability that is truly meaningful.” (ACIM)

Healing is Realizing the Truth that forgets the body. If it brings up fear to think about forgetting the body, it is a good idea to use magic to temporarily dispel that fear. The goal of ACIM is to release fear, and live with the fearlessness of the healed mind. The body may or may not heal as a result of the healed mind, yet the body, to the healed mind, matters not.

“Magic is the mindless or the miscreative use of mind. Physical medications are forms of “spells”, but if you are afraid to use the mind to heal, you should not attempt to do so. The very fact that you are afraid makes your mind vulnerable to miscreation.” ACIM text pg 25

Magic keeps the mind “happy” in the body for a time. It puts a spell on the mind that says, “life is ok like this”.

Marijuana is “God-given” magic for those afraid to allow the mind to heal on its own. It forgets the body temporarily and provides a frame of reference for what (joyfully) happens to consciousness when the body idea is transcended. Magic mushrooms, same idea, different intensity of it.

It is ok to allow the mind to heal with or without magic; it depends on the sense of need to relieve anxiety about the transition. On the death bed, Aldous Huxley went out in a quiet blaze of glory on LSD .

Seated at his last public event, after giving his last public speech, Paramahansa Yogananda simply closed his eyes, and left the body.


Yogananda by Darcie French


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