Forgiving death

When someone dies, it is up to those “left behind” to forgive the Son of God’s belief in and release of the body. The body is believed in and released all the time. Globally, the death rate is two people every second. How people die impacts only those who testify to death as being real. The body as a learning tool for the mind is released when the lesson is learned. Death is not actually experienced by the two people leaving every second. Death is experienced by the rest of the population that stays every second.

Accepting the Atonement for Self, and accepting the body’s invulnerability along with it, is natural and appropriate. Non-violent acceptance of the way things are naturally transcends the way things are; consciousness evolves/improves. Projecting violence towards the body to force death, on the other hand, seems to keep the mind of those left behind stuck in the unnatural position of blame.

The Reality of Awareness is absolutely gentle. It is beyond non-violent to reach it; violence is left for it. When I left the body in the house fire in 2009 for the Absolute state, there was no force involved. It was by absolute agreement. I did not experience the death of the body, or of the universe; they just never were.


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