Q & A on “plurality of Oneness”

Q: Hello. The Course is clear that God created the Sonship and that we are not God. If we were God, then the dream would be forever, since God is the Prime Creator and thus whatever He Knows is Reality.

Here are some quotes from the Course that make the plurality of Sons obvious:

God, Who encompasses all being, created beings who have everything individually, but who want to share it to increase their joy.” (T-4.VII.5:1)

God created His Sons by extending His Thought, and retaining the extensions of His Thought in His Mind. All His Thoughts are thus perfectly united within themselves and with each other.” (T-6.II.8:1-2)

Creation is the sum of all God’s Thoughts, in number infinite.” (W-pII.11.1:1)

God knows His children with perfect certainty. He created them by knowing them.” (T-3.III.7:9-10)

In the creation, God extended Himself to His creations and imbued them with the same loving Will to create.” (T-2.I.1:2)

A: One is an extension of God’s Love with the freedom to create “as imbued by God”, which is to extend His Love unconditionally. The dream of death can never be made real, because God would have it so; God created only the eternal. Only God’s Thought extensions continue. The illusion of the perishable is resolved by Knowledge of the eternal. Waking up to Knowledge of Oneness illuminates the comsic play as being a play, and all of the sentient beings as actors in it. Every life form is One with God. We are not God, but One with God in His extension of Love, which is Life.

The separation is a perceptual illusion, “at no single instant does the body exist at all” but life in a body is believed to be reality when perception is given reign over the Absolute. The Sonship forms a classroom with learning tools for the Son to remember Oneness with Source, by looking past duality/plurality and joining in Oneness with all of the Sonship.

Without the idea of death, there is no world”. Without the idea of death, plurality/duality dissolves into Oneness.


7 thoughts on “Q & A on “plurality of Oneness”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello. Is it metaphor to say “God created only the eternal.” or is there a literal creation? This has always confused me about the Course. In my experience, I know awareness to be simple, eternal being and nothing else. In that being there is no “Love” or any other emotion.

    The Course talks about “Love” and “Creation”, as though there was not simple eternal being. It also talks about some sort of Relationship between “Father” and “Son”.

    You seem to have experienced Reality directly, and I am wondering if you actually experienced being Created rather than being eternal simple awareness…

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  2. Darcie French, BSW Post author

    Thank-you for your post. A relatively long, in-depth response just disappeared from the screen of consciousness back into the Absolute (before I could post it). Perhaps the Holy Spirit Answered Directly? ❤ I will however return to your question after a bit of a break from typing. Thank-you for your patience. ❤


  3. Darcie French, BSW Post author

    “God created only the eternal” is Absolute. The idea of death projects from the Stillness of the Absolute a metaphor or “motion picture” to represent it; without the idea of death there is no allegiance to the metaphor. God’s Answer to this projection is the built in “end of the separation” and return to the eternal. All that perishes is the idea to change God’s Absolute Idea. No metaphor for Reality can be made permanent.

    The Quality of the Absolute or Relationship between “Father” and “Son” is formless Knowledge of One’s Identity and Reality being only an interchange of nonlinear Love begetting Love begettting Love. It is an absolute “regiving” of Love back to the Father out of sheer gratitude for the One Desire fulfilled. This is not “emotional love” – projection never was. Emotions form parts of the metaphor that is being resolved, they are part of “the detour into fear”. “All thoughts produce form on some level.”

    It seems that you have noticed that Awareness is not part of the metaphor. When the metaphor wholly, absolutely never was, one has returned to Knowledge of the Absolute. “Without the idea of death, there is no world.” The world of perceptual unrealities, the frame of spacetime and all of its sense recordings does disappear into a state of Perfection that is Always. When I could have been about to die in a house fire, but surrendered my life to God (vs plunging head-first into “the detour of fear”), the disappearance of the world into the direct interchange of Love begetting Love begetting Love was my “experience” of the Absolute, which was not “an experience” per se, but Absolute Direct Knowledge, because the universal form that supports the experiential metaphor of “lacking the eternal” never was.


  4. Anonymous

    ” It is an absolute “regiving” of Love back to the Father out of sheer gratitude for the One Desire fulfilled.”

    Could you explain more what you mean by that?

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    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Here is an excerpt from the book I am compiling: “my husband and I were woken in the middle of the night to the house on fire. As we were about to gather up our pets and child, I heard my own internal voice gently, but very clearly say, “You don’t have to be here for this.” I responded with absolute agreement, and I “left” the perceptual world.
      I didn’t notice any movement as Awareness disengaged from bodily consciousness and I saw the typically not visible top of the living room window curtain rod, and then the world of form was simply gone. The world never was. Unlike experiences out of body, during meditation, or waking up after the unveiling of the Self in 2007, it was as if nothing had ever come into being but God’s Idea.
      Of the Reality that is God’s One Idea, I am nothing but the Qualitative Knowledge of Perfect Energetic Equilibrium. Out of this Equilibrium come all degrees of activity, yet Knowledge of my Self is Still. I am the zero of Stillness that all activity spins from, yet I am not aware of the motion picture produced. Of my Self I am Absolute Satiation; I am Absolute Self-Love. I am but Perfectly Balanced, unquantified Love that never leaves its Source.
      With expressions of Knowledge there are many different words meaning many different things, but in Reality there is only one Word that has any Meaning. In Reality, I am nothing but this Word; I am nothing but this Meaning. I am nothing but this One Word’s Loving Extension of its Meaning.
      “He alone can die who believes in death, but he who knows the Light of God as one with him can never die.” (Walter Russell)
      In the face of death, I wholly agreed with God’s Idea instead, and instantly and completely Knew of my eternal Oneness with it.
      Knowing Oneness with God quite naturally erased all fear of death. I never die, I simply depolarize the idea of disconnection to go back into my Source that is only Balance, Love, Truth and Law.
      Without the idea of death, one stops looking through a straw and claiming it’s framed topography to be all there is to the view.
      Without the idea of death there is no idea of disconnection from Source. Without the idea of death, one forgets the framed picture, and becomes wholly Aware of Who’s watching the show.”
      And also from another post on this blog: “Absolute Love is Quality; attachment love depends on quantity. The Absolute State is Love begetting Love begetting Love, continuously, without deviation. Attachment love is a reflection based in the same quality, but it depends on interaction between a quantity of “this” and a “that” in order for emotional love to beget love. In the Absolute State, “this” and “that” never were; emotions never were. There is only Love begetting Love begetting Love, continuously without deviation.”



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