Q & A on “Awareness with and without the metaphor”

This is a reprint of a Q & A from another post “Q & A on the ‘pluralities of Oneness'”.

Q: Hello. Is it metaphor to say “God created only the eternal.” or is there a literal creation? This has always confused me about the Course. In my experience, I know awareness to be simple, eternal being and nothing else. In that being there is no “Love” or any other emotion.

The Course talks about “Love” and “Creation”, as though there was not simple eternal being. It also talks about some sort of Relationship between “Father” and “Son”.

You seem to have experienced Reality directly, and I am wondering if you actually experienced being Created rather than being eternal simple awareness…

“God created only the eternal” is Absolute. The idea of death projects from the Stillness of the Absolute a metaphor or “motion picture” to represent it; without the idea of death there is no allegiance to the metaphor. God’s Answer to this projection is the built in “end of the separation” and return to the eternal. All that perishes is the idea to change God’s Absolute Idea. No metaphor for Reality can be made permanent.The Quality of the Absolute or Relationship between “Father” and “Son” is formless Knowledge of One’s Identity and Reality being only an interchange of nonlinear Love begetting Love begettting Love. It is an absolute “regiving” of Love back to the Father out of sheer gratitude for the One Desire fulfilled. This is not “emotional love” – projection never was. Emotions form parts of the metaphor that is being resolved, they are part of “the detour into fear”. “All thoughts produce form on some level.”

It seems that you have noticed that Awareness is not part of the metaphor. When the metaphor wholly, absolutely never was, one has returned to Knowledge of the Absolute. “Without the idea of death, there is no world.” The world of perceptual unrealities, the frame of spacetime and all of its sense recordings does disappear into a state of Perfection that is Always. When I could have been about to die in a house fire, but surrendered my life to God (vs plunging head-first into “the detour of fear”), the disappearance of the world into the direct interchange of Love begetting Love begetting Love was my “experience” of the Absolute, which was not “an experience” per se, but Absolute Direct Knowledge, because the universal form that supports the experiential metaphor of “lacking the eternal” never was.


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