On Gender

When my thirteen year old “daughter” told me he is male inside, I thought about my own interpretation of gender and realize that I have always viewed my Self as gender-less. “Inside” I am neither male nor female. In fact, what I am in Reality is not the body at all. This Knowledge has always been, and has only been confirmed by experience in this classroom of life. Perhaps I appear on this Earth “in a body” to speak to this Truth.

My child wants to be addressed by the male pronoun. That’s fine by me. His coming out as transgender FTM was like the last puzzle piece that fit in to why he is so upset with life – turns out he is upset with life “as a girl”. Female doesn’t match up to what he feels inside, and to acknowledge that truth freed him from a prison of belief. Same as how the realization that I am not the body, but the gender-less Son of God, released me from the thought of the body as being a prison.

There is only One Son of God: gender-less, formless, Undivided by duality. The split from Oneness produced the literal effect of male and female; confusion about gender is actually recognition of the division of Oneness as being unreal.

There is One Son. Thus I call everyone, “my brothers”.


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