From corrective learning to the Absolute Oneness of Spirit

“Corrective learning always begins with the awakening of spirit, and the turning away from physical sight.

… What the physical eyes see is not corrective, nor can error be corrected by any device that can be seen physically. As long as you believe in what your physical sight tells you, your attempts at correction will be misdirected.” (ACIM txt pg 26)

December 2007, after a year of releasing, meditation, and studying the works of Dr David R Hawkins, was the “awakening of spirit”, and “the turning away from the belief in physical sight”. This was the illumination of the mind that proved the body to be a kind of plodding “after thought” that seemed to follow the quick-moving mind, but could never catch up.

The body’s unreality was noticed by the mind moving far faster than the body. The illuminated mind seemed to provide a delightful nonlinear sense of disconnection from the body – as if the load of it was lightened, and gravity was lessened; driving the car was hilarious, as the mind wasn’t connected to the body, which wasn’t connected to the car, and the whole affair felt like hydroplaning all over the galaxy. Nothing had any “grip”; everything flowed seamlessly. It was as if I could have driven the car out to space, and not even noticed that it never actually took flight. It was the mind that took flight from its sense of imprisonment – not the body, not the car.

The illuminated mind is enchanting; it is all alluring. To turn back to physical sight after the enchantment of illumination is to sit back in the plodding body and forget the free-flowing mind. When I unwittingly returned to using physical sight to navigate the mind, vs letting go and immersing in the free flowing mind as it seemingly moved ahead of the body, the effect of the “misdirection” was a terrible sense of bodily stagnation, a literal sense of granite apathy. No truth could again be found by looking back to and identifying with the plodding body.

October 2009, I voluntarily surrendered the very core of “my” life – the belief in a separate mind – and went through the “final doorway” wherein both mind and body dissolved in the Absolute Oneness of Spirit; there was no universal form, no body, no movement, no sense of anything – no “thing” such as mind or body ever was in the Perfect Stillness of Reality that is as God Created. There was only the nonlinear interchange of Absolute Love begetting Absolute Love for and from Self, continuously, without deviation.



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