Be a “superduperfinefantastic” role model

Growing up, my folks had a friend who never ever seemed to complain, and even though we didn’t see him all that often, he was an integral role model. Life just seemed to be “perfectly ok” for him, no matter what the conditions he seemed to live with were.

When asked how he was doing, his response was always an immediate smile with these “three” words, “I am superduperfinefantastic!” Eyes a-twinkle, he drew out the word “fine”. He really was fine; he was not just saying it to go through the motions. “Superduperfinefantastic” was even his response in his hospital bed, shortly after having a heart attack.

I admired and adopted his way of being in the world. I tend to respond to the question, “how are you?” with a positive outlook the way my role model did. This seems to spread happiness. It elicits smiles. Smiling faces make brains produce endorphins.

Whenever you meet someone with a positive frame on life, it is always a holy encounter. Be that person, and wherever you go, the people you meet will know just what it means to be superduperfinefantastic.


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