Infinite Orgasm

So much needless guilt over a natural bodily function of release when it comes to orgasm. A self orgasm a day keeps the thought of death away, because it gives one the briefest glimpse of one’s birthright in Heaven as nonlinear Love begetting Love begetting Love.

The body is a miscreation of thought; to partition infinite orgasm into time and space is not God’s intent. Procreation is not God’s intent. The Absolute is an ineffable, formless, nonlinear orgasm that is sustained at its climax forever. This is the state that appears separate when the body is remembered.

Mother-Father of the Absolute is undivided. Don’t include another body when it comes to orgasm, and avoid sex karma. Enjoy what is without future repercussions. Regive self orgasms, and don’t worry about the perils of attachment love.


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