Two years on Rick Simpson oil

In 2014 I could barely get out of bed. My husband helped me grow a basement full of marijuana. I started eating the leaves off a plant that could have been male or female and progressed to eating almost a full flowered plant per day. I remember laying there in my bed after my first marijuana leaf smoothie and noticing that I had a sudden smile on my face. I got up out of bed with the motivation to help myself that had been previously lacking; I actually felt like helping myself! This is huge for someone who had become used to living with a death wish; the death wish was gone. I started riding a bike and eating vegetables and fruit. I stopped needing chronic pain killers and anti-psychotics.

Eventually my husband and I made Rick Simpson oil. I took this daily for two years vs eating cannabis fresh because it wasn’t always possible to have the fresh plants on hand. We are renters and have had to keep the plants hidden – especially recently as our house is for sale. The oil seemed to regulate my brain, and now my brain seems to work properly when I manage my lifestyle accordingly. As long as I get proper sleep, I consider myself fully cured of what was keeping me in bed all the time in 2014.


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