The power of marijuana to get people off disability

In 2014 after being on provincial disability for four years, the government made me apply for federal disability through CPP. At the federal level, the disability must be permanent with no hope for improvement. I was eating fresh marijuana at the time and seeing drastic improvements in the disability that prompted me to collect assistance at the provincial level. I applied at the federal level because if I did not, my provincial checks would discontinue.

I was of course denied the federal level; I was basically healing myself. I went back to work part-time outside the house as a painter’s assistant with my husband, less than six short months after starting to eat fresh marijuana. I had been almost bed-ridden for three years.

I wanted to talk to someone at Health Canada and let them know of my healing and how a simple plant could save taxpayers countless dollars by getting countless people functioning again, but at the same time, I didn’t want my marijuana supply (or my newfound health) threatened, so I kept quiet.

Dear reader, do you see how backwards our system is that outlaws a God-given solution in the name of providing manufactured ones that don’t work?


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