Ego dynamics of marijuana prohibition

My 40- something y/o husband earning a wage legally as a hemp farmer was outlawed in the early 1900’s by the elite for their own purposes, and so he has been without his profession since birth. In part, the marijuana plant and its tinctures was deemed “too good to be true” by companies like Johnson and Johnson who wanted to sell their not-so-good chemical concoctions instead. Also the US wanted the Mexicans and their use of marijuana as a relaxant out of the country because marijuana relaxed the Protestant work ethic “The demonization of the cannabis plant was an extension of the demonization of the Mexican immigrants” (same old story  with Donald Trump leading the way today). Many went to work for Johnson and Johnson and co and still have jobs in today’s health care industry. My husband didn’t, and must do his work under the table. The social safety net supports us. It is a wall, though, that keeps us living in the margins. If my husband’s profession were legal we would be very wealthy, and healthy.

The healthcare system for ego is indescribably extravagant. Big machines and killer drugs keep the Caucasian body flat-lining with all the extras just a while longer.

God’s solutions for all bodies are simple. A simple plant-based diet that doesn’t involve killing part of the Sonship, and provides medicine through nutrition. Daily exercise. Fresh air. Good sleep. Inclusion. Sharing of natural abundance. No dividing walls that make a safety net necessary.


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