The sage and the ego’s schedule

The ongoing technical issue in the home of the modern sage is with maintaining appropriateness within the ego’s schedule. Sleep and rest is Known to be God time; sleep is natural Oneness with Source and Association with the Kingdom of Heaven. The sage loves to let go of the social schedule and rest; the sage is not driven by typical desire for sense gratification. Every creature with a nervous system, which is a function of ego, rests the nerves in Awareness of the Absolute. The sage prefers this rest over all else.

The ego schedules the Son of God’s Life into two parts, day and night, through the  nervous system. Nerves are activated by ego during the day, and deactivated in God’s Love at night. The senses are activated by ego to remember the body, and deactivated by God to forget it.

The sage is not subject to ego’s schedule for remembering the body and rests in the deactivated state even during the day; the sage has limited to no desire to drive the senses. The ego drives the senses. The sage appears to be still sense driven, and yet the Mind is at rest in the Absolute, not in the activity or inactivity of the senses.





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