The learning tool for the Mind to remember

My youngest child was different from my first two daughters, right from birth. Born a daughter, my transgender son had girl parts – but he was not a girl inside. At age 13 he came out of the closet in a storm of anger and attempts to self-destruct. His father and I support him unconditionally and we have seen immense improvement thus far by treating the anxiety and depression and starting the course to becoming physically male. I wish for my son’s sake we had finessed the truth from him sooner – if we had known before puberty set in, we could have stopped the female development. Having grown the female parts, we are going to help him reshape his body to one that suits his belief systems and better simulates his idea of a supreme person.

I always knew on some level my child wasn’t “typical”; my son had colic that started shortly after birth and it was almost like he was screaming, “I am NOT a girl; I am trapped in the body of one. You are dressing me wrong, and addressing me wrong … nothing on my outside matches up with my inside!”

I can relate to my son. I have never felt comfortable in a body. I am most comfortable asleep or at rest in the mystic reality, wherein the body is forgotten. My gender was assigned as female based on my female body parts, but that which feels trapped in a body is Known to be gender-less.

There is only one Son of God; the belief in separation divided the Son’s Oneness with the Undivided Mother-Father by two bodies, male and female. One with my Father, I forget this division, and do not know of gender.

Ultimately, my son, as everyone is, is on a path back to Awareness of his birthright as the Son of God; the alien nature of the body the learning tool for the mind to remember the familiar.


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