Unbalanced mental activity

With balanced mental activity that results in regular sleep, exercise and food intake, through the body one can simulate a healthy life. When one of these activities is out of alignment, it is due to unbalanced mental activity or mental illness. All mental illness is ultimately the Mind acting out of alignment with allowing Self-Love. Acting out of alignment with Self-Love brings one to commit passive suicide in varying degrees vs live out the body with zest until the need for it passes.

The world is mentally ill in varying degrees; there is no sanity within it except for in nature’s cycling. In nature there is natural balance, but there is no perfect balance in the man-made world of illusion wherein more or less food, sleep or exercise is due to preference vs instinctual Oneness on this course in miracles. The prefrontal cortex turns this world into a virtual video game, wherein desires are met with a click. Over and under eating, over and under sleeping, and over and under exercising are rampant patterns out of alignment with balanced mental activity.



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