The miracle forgets the body

“The body cannot create, and the belief that it can, a fundamental error, produces all physical symptoms.” (ACIM text pg 23)

The miracle forgets the body; putting the body to work creating when it cannot create produces both seemingly wanted and unwanted effects, and yet all effects are gratefully released by the miracle. Life is a course in miracles that forget the body; all paths lead to God and the forgetting of the body and its physical symptoms.

The day is a polarization of ideas not of God and the body is used to facilitate them; putting the body to work to create when it cannot produces unbearable physical symptoms that can only be surrendered to the depolarization of the night when the body wears out. The day cannot be sustained only because the miracle of night removes the day’s underpinnings of thought, and the inflated body of form used to facilitate them is gratefully deflated.

One is not the inflating/deflating body; one is free as God created. One projects onto the body the belief that God’s Authority in creation was usurped by using the body to create, and one therefore feels subject to lack of freedom to be as one was created.

Gravity on Earth is experientially greater than gravity on the Moon but the effort to get to the moon cancels the weight differential out, and both are still the same heavy idea: they manufacture the burden of building upon formed ideas or body creations in place of resting in effortless Awareness.

Such is duality; for every up there is the subjective down that balances the idea. All ideas simulate the Stillness they come from when they return to rest in the Reality that is one’s Identity as the Son of God, created by only the Father.



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